The remote pilot is responsible for the continuing airworthiness of the unmanned aircraft. In addition to the checks that are carried out before the flight, the UAS must be regularly maintained to retain ability to fly. This module deals with the duties and recommendations related to maintenance.


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Unmanned aircraft are equipped with a large amount of electronics and should, therefore, only be opened by qualified personnel. Regular external maintenance is, therefore, strongly recommended.

After any maintenance, hardware, firmware or software change, you should always test the UAS in a safe area and review all functions and flight modes to ensure that your next flight is safe. Professional remote pilots keep a maintenance log for each unmanned aircraft in which it is noted in detail when the maintenance work took place, which checks were carried out and which parts were replaced.

Ad-hoc repairs are not advisable, apart from changing the propeller and superficial interventions; professional repair companies should be consulted. Pay attention to the notes and instructions of the UAS manufacturer and information in the UAS manual.

In any case, you should carry out your own small maintenance work after a set number of flying hours, e.g., after 25 hours. In addition, professional maintenance must be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual. If the manual does not state a maintenance period, it is recommended that you carry out maintenance after 50 hours.

During a self-check (for example after 25 hours) the following points should be checked and carried out:

Regarding the structure:

  • cleaning of the UAS
  • examination of cracks using a magnifying glass
  • retighten all visible screws
  • check that all motors rotate smoothly; if dirt has got inside, blow out the motors vigorously
  • check the propeller blades for cracks and damage
  • check the fastening of all antennas (including those of the ground station)

Check the availability of new software updates for the UAS and ground station and update them if necessary.

Check the battery for damage and leaks and exchange, if necessary.


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