Air Law

When operating any kind of aircraft, it is vital to have a clear and comprehensive legal understanding of all regulations. The following “Air Law” chapter provides an overview of these regulations as well as data protection, insurance and security.

When unmanned aircraft were first introduced, it meant that a new kind of air-traffic participant had entered into the existing, and extensively regulated, air space which has developed over the last few decades and which focused mainly on manned aviation. In response to the emergence of UAS in recent years, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) created an integrative basis for the safe operation of all aircraft.

It is likely that there will be further adjustments to these regulations in years to come; it is, therefore, a pilot’s responsibility to ensure they keep up to date with any changes. This chapter provides the basis for learning these regulations.

UAS Classification

Aviation Administration and Basic Rules

Airspace and Restrictions

Safe Operation and Responsibilities

Security, Data Protection and Insurance